Monday, September 29, 2008

Facebook = Business Growth = Law of Attraction

I have had so many comments about my last blog post on Facebook and my interviews, that I thought I would share some of my own ‘quantum leaps’ with regard to my business. I was sharing some of my stories last week at one my networking meetings, and I was surprised that so many small business owners do not use Facebook because they are ‘not comfortable’ with it, or don’t know how to use it for their business. Hence this post and my group presentation planned later this week in Oviedo. First, here is a stat that not everyone is aware of – there are over 80 million + users on Facebook. From a marketing perspective alone – even if you do not understand social networking – that’s huge! People all over the world can get to see who you are, what you stand for, and what your business/products are. That means, that if someone in the UK makes a connection with you by simply seeing you in a group or listed as a friend of one of their friends – you have increased your exposure. Business development is based upon exposure – but more importantly – it is about creating relationships, developing trust, creating lasting positive memories in the minds of others, and providing value for others. With social marketing, in particular, using Facebook, people can read all about you, see you and what you are interested in, see what you have to offer, and talk to you – all without getting out of their pj’s.

Being a coach, author and educator, I work and live the law of attraction or success principles everyday in every aspect of my life. Facebook is the law of attraction in action. I am member of various groups that are of importance to me, so people who are in the same groups want to connect to share ideas. I have clients and resources online that I could never build (ie: book distributors overseas) normally by working from home in such an easy manner. I shared this story last Wednesday with my networking group to show them the power behind social networking.

The previous Monday, I was on a teleconference about marketing. I am familiar with Facebook as I use it almost daily to talk with my family and friends back home in Canada. I used it to send messages about my first book launch to those who wanted to buy my book back home over a year ago. My friends list has constantly grown as people whom I’ve never met read my book and wanted to know more about me.

As the call continued, I was looking through Facebook at the same time. I recently had a woman befriend me who was a life coach. The new Facebook (just recently changed its look) does not always allow you to read someone’s profile until a friendship has been confirmed. As I was now taking the time to find out more about this woman, her friend’s list was on the page, and one particular pic stood out. The lady in the picture looked like Jennifer Anniston. I clicked on it ( I always trust my intuition) and I told her how I had found her picture and how she reminded me of Rachel from the TV show, Friends. She quickly emailed me back and said that she was a life coach too, and apologized for typos as she was holding her newborn in the other arm. I answered that I had written my first book the same way. We had an instant connection. The conversation continued, and after she asked about my book, she went to Amazon, ordered it, and offered to promote it on her e-zine. Then she added me to her friends list. Up until this point, I could not read anything about her, but we had a great time talking and I was tickled pink that she was interested in my book as well. When I did receive her friend confirmation and reviewed her profile, ‘Jeanna’ turned out to be ‘Jeanna Gabellini’ , one of the Best-Selling Authors of Life Lessons for Mastering the Law of Attraction: 7 Essential Ingredients for Living a Prosperous Life, with Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and Eva Gregory. What do you think of that? I had goose bumps for days. For me as an author, I was humbled, flattered, and unbelievably excited at the connection. But, that is what the law of attraction is about and that is what Facebook is about. Now, from a business perspective, what do you think Jeanna’s offer to help by putting my book in her e-zine means for my business? You do the math on that one – my head is still buzzing. The same thing happened two days later with another person…different circumstances and story – but another huge quantum leap. That is another blog post for another day.

The key of importance is to remember something about social networking sites – they are for social networking. I specialize in relationship marketing and my main tip and warning is always the same – people like people – not products. My experiences are amazing, but they happen because I practice etiquette online and offline. If the relationships and trust is there, then maybe I will mention what I do. You know what to say when you are a party to new people – remember the same guidelines online as well.

NOTE: if you are in Central Florida and want to know more about this…the presentation I referred to will be this Wednesday, October 1/08 at the Daily Grind Unwind Coffee shop on 3100 Alafaya Drive. Our networking group is known as COFFEEEVENT on you are more than welcome to join us. We start at 9:10. 


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