Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My 2 Cents

A person's motive for accomplishment, or intention for success, determines the ability to understand what they do and why they receive the results they do. Being in harmony with intention is the making or breaking point to any success. The level at which a person is in line with intention can be personally measured through physiological states and emotions. In other words, your feelings are a barometer to gauge if you are on the 'right track'. In fact, we call our emotions 'feelings' because they cause physical responses in our bodies.

The better and more pleasant our emotions are - the better and more positive our over-all well-being. For those wondering if all the 'hype' about the law of attraction is worthwhile, kinesiology, or the study of the muscular system and its reactions within the body provides evidence.

"The human central nervous system clearly has an exquisitely sensitive capacity to differentiate between 'life-supportive' and 'life-destructive' patterns. High power attractor energy patterns, which make the body go strong [when tested], release brain endorphins and have a tonic effect on all of the organs; adverse stimuli release adrenaline, which surpasses immune response and instantaneously causes both weakness and even breakdown of specific organs depending on the nature of the stimulus...this clinical phenomena forms the basis for such treatments as chiropractic, acupuncture, reflexology, and others. These therapies, however, are usually designed to correct the 'results' of an energy imbalance, but unless the basic attitude that's causing the energy imbalance is corrected, the illness tends to return....traditional medicine generally holds that stress is the cause of many disorders and doesn't accurately address the 'source' of the stress. It looks to blame external circumstances, without realizing that 'all stress is internally generated by one's attitudes'". (Dr. David R. Hawkins, MD, PHD, Power VS Force, 2002 pp. 209-214)

Understanding how our attitudes and belief patterns with their attached emotions work - is imperative to better health. Learning about compassion and acceptance develops an attitude for choice. Choice becomes a behaviour pattern that we can use to decide between anabolic endorphins or catabolic adrenaline. Life needs a holistic approach as disregard for nutrition and physical activity hinders healing and further development.

Watching quietly in the background as the world begins to 'go green' and the self-growth and health and wellness industry expands is very exciting to me. Eastern and Western medicine practices and specialists are now joining through the understanding that holistic health is a necessity - not an option. Physicians are beginning to put the pharmaceutical companies aside and instead of feeling a risk to their reputation by promoting holistic health, they are in fact, building more credibility for themselves and their clinics and hospitals. To see these hospitals and clinics incorporating nutritional products for example, in their patient treatment programs is a huge step in developing the credibility. The Western world is finally getting on the same page as what the Eastern traditions have been saying for centuries. It has been a long time coming, but how exciting it is to see so many innovators being recognized worldwide and here in our own backyards.