Monday, September 8, 2008


I don't often get really angry, but just recently I was literally spitting nickels.

I just received my copy of RTIR(Radio and Television Interview Report) this week. This publication is an advertiser's listing of all those who are 'up and coming'. The magazine is a major issue for publicity hunters looking for the 'Who's who" of the moment. RTIR is a fantastic resource and the people who put it all together are awesome at what they do. I love getting my copy in the mail. However, something in the Should You Advertise With Us section got me really riled up this time.

This section discusses what the media and prime time is looking for - or what creates high ratings on radio and TV. I guess I never really paid that close attention to this before. I was sickened to see the top media choice picks were mostly negative controversial subjects, sometimes just strange or really 'different'. The industries such as going green and self-development / self-help were highly ranked, but family and parenting were described as "much less appealing" for subject content.

As someone who focuses on consciousness and development with family always being top priority, this really put a knot in my jaw. How can we, as a society grow and develop if our emphasis is not on family values? How can relationships develop if our concentration is on controversial subjects like religious separatism and cultural differences?

So , then the next question is how can this be made more positive? How can I do my part? What can I do to make a difference and help family and relationship values to grow in popularity with the media and the masses?

I think back to where I was a few years ago and shudder for a moment at my own contribution to the negative group think tank. Thank God I took time to prioritize my own life. I have broken many rules to get there, but man am I glad I did.

Putting love, tears, and determination in every action and decision I took everyday since is how I won and still beat the battle of negativity around me. I study every tool, technique, and opportunity that is presented to me. I pay attention to every encounter and person whom I come in contact with the intention of heightening that person's day - even if only by a smile. Intention is the key.

I write everyday. I write for myself and to inspire children, and to help others know that they can make a difference. Every new technique I learn, I write about to share it with others.

Now, with a program being developed, I face yet another challenge. Others in the same field as my partner and I want to share the same information for hundreds and thousands of dollars. Again - I am P.O.'d! When I needed help, I couldn't afford it. I don't care what the others say, I know that this is not the way to go.

So, here we go again - breaking the rules. We combined our experienced techniques and tools and published a book on it - no frills, just what works so everyone can afford it and make a difference in their own lives. The publishers and reviewers said to us, "you need a professionally designed cover", "you need fantastic graphics that jump out at everyone", "You need to charge at least $100 for this material or people won't want it". WHAT!?! Then, to make matters worse, when we told them there was a program to go with it, we were told that no one will buy at that price because it is too low and low prices denote low value". "Everyone under values their own work...cahrge at least five times what you intially thought of and then you will be in the right ballpark". I am sorry if I offend anyone, but these people are NUTS! How can you make a difference if the people who need it the most can't use it? Yes, inspiration will move some to start out on their own, but what about everyone else who does not know where to start or do ont have the resources to get even to that point?

For us, this is about passion and making a difference. I do not care what 'they' say, because I have been there. I fought to get where I am now, and I am staying. If I can help someone else get where they want to be...who do you think is going to be more successful? The guy selling a program to a few at a couple of thousand bucks, or my partner and I when we can't keep up with the classes because we actually make a difference and are 'reasonable'? We shall soon see won't we.

NOTE: As I was posting this today, I received a call from someone at the above mentioned publication about a possible TV interview for our new book. He was "feeling' me out and checking out my pitch for a producer should they choose to interview us. I laughed and told him I was blogging when he called and told him what this blog was about. I suggested that maybe the media is 'barking up the wrong tree' in a sense. That I think that the 'market' of families is somewhat overlooked, and maybe they should be barking up the tree of genealogy - the family tree. He laughed and agreed. We shall see what happens when he calls back next week.

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