Thursday, October 2, 2008

Press Release - Entrepreneur Views on The US Economic Crisis


The US Economic Crisis:
Business As Usual For Local Entrepreneurs

ORLANDO, FL - October 1, 2008 (PRB) - In an
article published today by ‘The Canadian Press’, an
analysis of a survey conducted by Ewing Marion
Kauffman Foundation showed where the minds of
Americans stand in view of the economic crisis.
According to their findings, following the US
Government’s announcement of the Senate vote
against the Economic Bailout Plan, “7 percent
of people felt there would be no personal impact
at all, 87 percent expected negative consequences,
and 13 percent of people believed the economic
crisis would have ‘devastating effects’.”

The same article also quoted the views of
entrepreneurs. “The crisis has also made it more
difficult to become an entrepreneur in the US,
71 percent of the respondents said. But 70
percent nevertheless think the success and health
of the American economy depend on the success of
entrepreneurs”. This same mindset was shared by
local entrepreneurs in Orlando, FL today at round
table networking groups.

Fred Keebler and Leigh Le Creux, addressed local
networkers today about the importance of being
aware, but not letting the negative discussions
and media coverage of economic crisis affect their
attitudes or businesses. Keebler owns A+ Learning
Solutions and is an author and life coach.
Le Creux is an author and an educator in success
principles. Together they created Living-Success-Now which is
a personal development and life coaching company.
They discussed their book being launched later
this month on the heels of the financial frenzy
and think they could not have picked a release
date more timely.

“The Secret Unraveled: Opening The Secret Once
and For All!” is a manual that teaches people how
to implement desired changes and growth through
the understanding of their attitudes and beliefs
and the development of the abilities to cope with
negativity and issues such as financial worry”
LeCreux stated.

“Understand the importance of entrepreneurs in the
process of re-building the US economy.” Keebler
remarked, “There couldn’t be a more appropriate
time to release this book…these are the answers
everyone – especially entrepreneurs – are searching
for.” Referring to thinkers such as Ford, Gates,
and Rockefeller who all showed the mindset
required for success, Keebler added “Maintaining
that same mindset requires skill and techniques
that are used daily. Getting those tools out is
our job”.

“The Secret Unraveled: Opening The Secret Once
and For All!” officially launches on
October 23, 2008. It is available through

More information about the authors is available
or call 407-971-3116.

CONTACT: Fred Keebler/Leigh Le Creux
Telephone: 407-971-3116

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