Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Helen's Wisdom

Recently, a new personal development program found its way to my
email. Is is based on the knowledge of Helen Hadsell. Helen is 83
years young, and wrote the book, Contesting: The Name It and Claim
It Game back in 1971. Helen has won every contest she has chosen
to win and enter (and she passed this ability on to her family
members!). She has spoken worldwide to share her knowledge and has
been interviewed on Oprah a few years ago telling her story. Her
sense of humor and no-nonsense attitude towards an abundant life is
second to none. The book is now out of print (available on E-Bay
for anywhere from $89 to $169 per copy!), but I lucked out as a
friend and colleague of mine had an original copy which I borrowed
and read cover-to-cover twice! (Thank you Linda!!) I share with you some of Helen's wisdom...

"...The majority of people still think that ESP means Extra Sensory
Perception, that few people have it, and you have ESP only if you
can tell how many pennies someone has in his pocket.
Effective Sensory Projection is nothing but projecting energy
toward an end result, seeing it as already having it. Now anyone
can do that. Effective Sensory Projection is just being aware of
people and things around you. You can read people simply by
listening to them, watching their body mannerisms.
If you are interested or have desire to cultivate your ESP power,
then do it. The more observant you become, the more you will come
to realize that there really is nothing hidden. It's just that you
haven't noticed before." (Helen Hadsell, Contesting: The Name It
and Claim It Game)

Welcome to the world of new perspectives...