Thursday, September 18, 2008

How can we change the education system?

After working in education for a number of years, it never ceases to amaze me how ridiculous some of the 'rules' of schools are. Today was a prime example.

My son was planning a science experiment involving the intention effect on plant growth. He was already researching some quantum physics, and reading up on The Intention Experiment by Lynn McTaggart. He came home today from school today extremely disapointed as his teacher told him that his experiment was not an experiment at all, 'plants don't have brains'. My child is twelve and is exploring quantum physics on his own accord, and his teacher literally squashed his enthusiasm in one sentence. I talkd him we would have to follow the rules at school, but we are doing the experiment ourselves at home anyway. This made him feel a little better, but he still asked, "why does my science teacher not know about energy mom? everything is made out of energy!?" Good question.

To top it off, he was actually reprimanded for reading the above mentioned book in Language Arts as it was "not considered to be advanced reading". Duhhh? Did they even look at the cover of the book? Quantum theory and science is not advanced reading?? Seems to me there was some science guy - pretty well known - that used to talk about this....oh yeah, his name was EINSTEIN.

So how, do you deal with this? Well, we can always switch to home schooling I guess, but for now, we will just make sure that it is covered at home and we 'appease' the powers the be at school. I reminded my son, Henry Ford was told over and over again that he was crazy, and Einstein was failing in school. No one who was ever noted as exceptional in history listened to what everyone else said. Yes, kids we do have to follow the rules in school, but no one can tell you what to think. As parents, we need to remind ourselves and our children to be free thinkers. I think the end of the year gift for the teachers will be a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble or maybe a free field trip down the road to NASA.

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