Thursday, September 25, 2008

Facebook, Twitter, and Interviews

This week has been an extremely exciting one! I have met so many awesome people from Facebook and Twitter - that in itself is amazing for someone who is fairly new to this 'social networking' stuff. Facebook for me has always been just for family and friends - and it still is - but I have met some people that I would not have had the opportunity to otherwise (at least for awhile anyway :) ).

I also had the pleasure of having coffee and an interview with a dear friend, Harry Duncan. Harry was one of the first friends I met here in Orlando and he is amazing! He knows more people, I think, than are on Facebook! Harry works in alternative health and is a walking, talking, flashing billboard for me and many others. His passion is meeting new people and helping everyone he meets in some way. You can talk to Harry at - tell him Leigh sent you!

This interview was printed in a local newsletter/newspaper in my hometown of Louisbourg, NS, Canada. A few people have asked about the interview, so here is the unedited full transcript. Enjoy!

HARRY: Although I know you very well Leigh, I have a number of people in my networking circles who I want to share what you are doing with, so I wanted to have this interview to provide those answers. Since I am aware of your new book, let’s talk about that today ok?

LEIGH: Sure.

HARRY: So this new book is coming out in October right? This is what – book number three for you now?

LEIGH: Actually its number four – two published, one in pre-publishing, and one e-book.

HARRY: All of this in only three years; while still being at home with your children, teaching, and studying all at the same time - That’s incredible! Tell everyone what this newest book of yours is about.

LEIGH: Well, actually it is a manual that I co-authored with my partner, Fred Keebler. It covers the basics and the not-so-basics of the law of attraction through the use of study guides, exercises and advanced coaching techniques – the stuff you often only get with one-on-one personal coaching or mentors. It actually goes along with classes we teach locally in Florida – but the manual can be used all on its own.

HARRY: I know there is an interesting story behind the “Why” you both decided to write The Secret Unraveled: Opening the Secret Once and for All! Can you tell us a bit about that?

LEIGH: Sure. As you know Harry, my passion is with kids – so I find myself answering questions with clients and parents all the time about to apply the techniques I use into their lives and the lives of their children. Fred has a lot of clients, and together we know of so many people who were frustrated because they followed everything in book and movie The Secret, but either couldn't’t make it work for them, or if it did, it only worked for a short while. The Secret Unraveled provides all the tools and techniques we use, as well as what we found to be the ‘best of the best’ in the self-development field to make the Law of Attraction work every time. We have personally used and experienced every thing we talk about in our book.
There is also another reason for me. When I needed help a few years ago, every time I found something that I thought would help, it came with a price tag I couldn't’t afford. This almost drove me insane and put me in a worse depressed state! All the training and information I wanted to use to get me out of my rut - both health wise and financial – was not available because I was in that rut to begin with! I swore that when I had the opportunity, I was going to find a way to help others to get out of the same place as I was. Fred has had similar experiences – another connection between us.
That said, don’t get me wrong – Everything is worth looking at, and the argument in the Law of Attraction realm is that if you want that money to take that program – you just attract it. What they don’t tell you is how to do it specifically. I recommend that as soon as you learn some techniques like those we teach, and you start to see changes beginning to take place – then prepare your goals to take those other programs. That’s how I got started myself you know. (Laughter) But seriously, everyone has a different perspective and something to offer – that is why there are so many different programs and books to begin with. We just wanted to do our best to put it all together and help people get where they want to go a lot faster without having to spend all that money and research just to find out what would work for them.

HARRY: That’s great! Now because I have had the opportunity to experience your program, I have to say that sometimes I wonder about all the people who take it. I mean, our class has life coaches, authors, and business people – a whole myriad of different people doing different things. What I mean is, this program is great for anyone – it has made a huge difference in my life already – and I am so grateful for having you and Fred as my friends.

LEIGH: Thank you Harry, that means a great deal to me.

HARRY: You’re welcome, but as I was saying, people in the same field as you, like other coaches – how do you suggest that this book helps them? I mean – don’t they already know what you teach?

LEIGH: Great question! And the answer is yes and no. People, who ‘work’ in our field, as you say, are always looking for better ways to improve their own skills to help others. Remember, everyone has a different take or spin, if you will, on things. For example, a lot of coaches are familiar with EFT…

HARRY: EFT being short for Emotional Freedom Technique right? Can you just touch on that as in am not sure if everyone is familiar with it?

LEIGH: Sure. EFT is a very simple, yet very powerful technique that can be thought of as acupuncture without the needles. Instead of needles to stimulate acupressure points, you simply tap them with your fingertips. I love EFT and use it all the time for all kinds of stuff – from removing feelings of frustration, to goal setting, to allergy relief. The cool thing about EFT, not only does it work on almost everything even if you don’t ‘believe’ it will, but you can do it anywhere at anytime. I wish I had known about EFT when I worked in the ‘corporate world’ to deal with stress! Oh well…another lesson right? (Laughter) EFT is only one of the techniques that we teach in our manual and classes. Fred has actually refined the technique and had added specific short-cuts and combined them with kinesiology techniques to enhance them. That’s would be one thing that other coaches could learn from this. Not only that, but when people learn some of the strategies we show them, and implement them themselves, they can define their own needs and goals in more clarified way. That way, if they get ‘stuck’, then a coach or mentor has the ability to hone in on the exact area they need help with. It helps the tailor to the needs of their clients. We show step-by-step instructions on EFT, but also give people a ‘toolbox’ that includes goal achievement strategies and exercises, creative writing, and visualization techniques – especially for those who have had difficulty with this – this is another one of Fred’s specialties. One lady we worked with had ADD and couldn’t visualize or focus – just be doing one exercise in fifteen mintues and she can! That’s powerful stuff!

HARRY: OK – that is powerful and I never really thought about how it could help coaches that way, but now I understand. Since I have been using your and Fred’s manual and taking the classes, I know what to do when I get frustrated, I, too am more focused, and I see changes in my life everyday now – especially in my business and family life. I know that some others in our class have had some amazing results already too – like phobias disappearing, new friendships developed – all kinds of stuff. That said, I am wondering about the program – for now it is just available in Orlando correct?

LEIGH: Yes, for now. I can’t give you a lot of details, but very soon we hope to have a recorded program available.

HARRY: Fantastic! So where can people get The Secret Unraveled? How can people get the book? I know you have am official launch planned very soon…can you give some details on that?

LEIGH: The official launch date is next month – October 23 – but it is available on now. On the official launch day, we will have some free gifts for those who purchase the book from some incredible people like Pat O’Bryan, Marketing Expert and Best Selling author of Your Portable Empire; Forbes Robbins Blair, Best Selling Author of Instant Self-Hypnosis; Maia Berens, Relationship, Life Coach, and Author of Once Upon A Time There Was You, Timothy M Ricke; Professional Speaker and Author of The Gift, and The 4% Factor, and Maddy Swinnen, Psychologist and Well Being Life Coach…just to name a few. These gifts were hand-picked by Fred and I to compliment various aspects of where to apply this knowledge – whether it be your business, health, finances, spirituality – any aspect of your life. There may be a few surprises too! (Laughter)

HARRY: Do you have a way to get the book offline too? …And what if people have questions – while they are using your manual? How can people reach you and Fred?

LEIGH: Well, I am aware that not everyone is comfortable buying online – I learned that one the first time around – so this time there will be a form that people can print off and mail to us so that we can ship them a copy. And, yes, before you ask, if they email me a copy of the form, I will make sure they get all the free bonuses before they are made unavailable – they will only be there during the few days of the actual launch. As for questions, Fred and I can be reached by email or through our company website Fred’s email is and mine is . We are also both experts on under the category of Law of Attraction and people can post their questions there if they don’t want to send them to us.

HARRY: That’s great. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions today Leigh – and above all, for you and Fred enriching my life. I know this is important to you both, and you are succeeding. You are making a difference.

LEIGH: No, Thank you, Harry. As always, you are a breath of fresh air and an inspiration to me. That’s what life is about though, right?

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