Thursday, October 23, 2008

Expanding Your Circles

About a year ago, Fred and I wrote and ebook with some of our networking friends here in Florida called Expanding Your Circles Of Influence. This ebook was about the basics of law of attraction in your business, but more importantly about relationship building and understanding how our minds and those of others work. We are actually giving this away as a free bonus with the purchse of new book for the next few days, but I will get back to that in a minute.
The cover of this book is a water drop creating ripples outward. It represents how everyone's circles are ever expanding. Obviously if you are reading this, you understand this concept just by watching your own friends list and circle grow here on Facebook as a perfect example.
My own circles have been expanding, as everyone's do. With the excitement of our book launch today of The Secret Unraveled: Opening The Secret Once and For All!I wanted to share some of the amazing people in my circle who have helped with this launch by providing some fantastic complimentary gifts for those who purchase our book through our site over the next four days. Pat O'Bryan is giving a free copy of his book, Absolute Begginers Guide To Internet Wealth and a free subscription to his blog (which has more information for free than most internet training courses!). Pat has helped me learn so much about the internet, websites, and above all - he's 'real'. Pat may be a famous Rocker, song writer, and Best-Selling author, but he always has time to answer my emails and questions and talk to me no matter where he is or what he is up to.
Then there is Donald Kubelka. Donald is a great friend, my publisher and a new husband this week (congrats Donald - hope you are enjoying your honeymoon!). He has his own publishing company, is a computer genius, and an author - among many other titles he carries. Whenever we talk, I always make a pot of tea because one cup is not long enough for our conversations. Donald has given our readers an excerpt about Miracles from his and Dr. Joe Vitale's book, Becoming a Golden Master.
Maia Berens is one of my dear friends, whom I am planning on getting out to California soon to see her and share a pot or two of coffee. I love our phone calls together! She is a Life Coach, author and an inspiration to everyone who meets or speaks to her - I feel like I have known her my entire life. Maia is known as 'Wise Fairy God Mother" by friends and she worked with Dr.John Gray for a number of years, has trained over 500 professional therapists and corporate speakers, and provided workshops for Oprah Winfrey and her staff. Most important of all though, she has been my 'Fairy God Mother' and reminds me constantly 'how amazing' I am and we all are. She has graciously given us a copy of her e-book, 10 Secrets to Keep your Relationship Working Happily Ever After. Maia is the 'real thing' and by sharing her humor and experience (including that of her darling and her fish), she guides people to transform their lives.
Ann Webb and I also have a lot in common. She is a Life coach and entrepreneur who motivates anyone she comes in contact with just by her energy and conversation - it shows in everything she says and does. I actually met Ann here on Facebook, and we have become friends. Ann has offered a report called 'The Power of a Life Vision'. Helping people design their ideal lives is her specialty, and her report is a very detailed explanation that fits perfectly with my own experience of creating visions. She has a unique way of creating LifeVisions that I feel everyone should be using.
My local friends here in Florida have also given some great gifts.
Maddy Swinnen is an Executive and Life Coach and a Psychologist. I met Maddy here at my local networking group, and we hit it off immediately. Maddy has read our book and taken our class so that she can share some of what we do with her clients and we can share what she does with our friends too. We share the passion to help others, the understanding of how our minds work , and the understanding that our happiness is in our control - not in our 'genes' as she sputs it. Maddy can tell you first hand about her personal results. She offers a free coaching session and a 50% discount on her Well Being program during our campaign. Maddy's personality and smile alone changes the energy in the room when she walks in.
Timothy Ricke is also a dear friend whom I met here in Florida. He is an author of numerous books and is a dynamic professional speaker and mentor. He has spoken with Tony Robbins and has won many national awards for his speaches. For me, Tim's humor should also win him some awards! I haven't seen it yet, but he sings as well, and was an 'Elvis' for some time...maybe next Wednesday I'll put him on the spot at out networking group. Tim shares his 'Secrets Behind The Secret' tips that inspired him to write a new series on books on what he calls "Sensory Selling". I am very excited to see Tim working on this, and tickled that I will 'participating' in these projects with him.
Of course, Fred and I, as I mentioned have given a free copy of our book, Expanding Circles of Influence - which was how this whole discussion began. We wanted to find a way to grow our own circles in our ntework group and brainstormed my email course with contributions from some of the most successful people we know here locally. Our circles continue to ripple like wth water on our cover. Every one of those ripples, and many, many more that are not mentioned here are the reason we could do this. Thanks to all my 'ripply' friends!
PS...if you want to order the book to get the gifts from all of my friends here, I don't want to rush you, but they are only available for a few days while the launch is running.'s a link to check it out...

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