Monday, August 25, 2008

Practice What you Preach

You know, us coaches are not like the Walmart happy face all of the time. We have times of frustration too. We are human.

However, that said, I practice what I preach. I believe, use and teach through the power of writing. Get it out on paper is my motto. Then you release the emotion. So why am I frustrated?

I moved to Florida a year ago. I entered the US as a 'spouse of an international delegate'. My husband has a temporary visa, and the permanent one is on the way. He has a social security number, but since I am only his spouse, I do not have, nor am I eligible for one until he gets his Green Card. They tell us that takes five years or more. The powers that be still make me pay taxes, however. I am a permanent resident. I have credit, a car, and my own home. The problem arises with regard to working.

I am an author, educator, and a coach. I work from home - mostly online except for speaking and classes that I teach. I have my own company. Since moving, I had to let my clients and customers aware of my new location. However, I cannot accept payment for my products or services without a processing account. They require a social security number - hence, my dilemma.

There are, however, loopholes. I am finding them. I was told I would never graduate - I did and am still getting certifications and degrees. I was told I would never have children - I have two adorable kids. I was diagnosed with cancer - it's gone. I was told I would never get my book published - I just published my third. There is obviously something else that needs to be done or to happen first. Therefore, I will wait and keep on plugging. I reference A Course In Miracles often, "Infinite patience brings immediate results". I just need to be patient.

This, too, I shall overcome.

There, I feel much better.

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